Video – Safina Barsatie is gekroond tot Miss Grand Suriname 2018

Miss Suriname

Safina Barsatie is gekroond tot Miss Grand Suriname 2018. Ze zal haar geboorteland Suriname vertegenwoordigen bij de prestigieuze Miss Grand International 2018 verkiezing, welke gehouden zal worden in Myanmar.

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Geboren in Suriname

Miss Grand International is één van de drie grootste Missverkiezingen in de wereld.
Miss Grand International staat voor “Stop the war and violence”, een thema dat nu nog steeds actueel is met de huidige oorlogssituaties in heel veel landen. Bron GFC
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Facebook pagine

Onderstaand schrijft ze elf op haar Facebook page:

“24 years ago I was born in Suriname. At the age of two, my mother and I moved to the Netherlands without my father and sisters.
It took us then years to get our passports. In those 10 years I have experienced how hard it is to have nothing, how hard it is to build everything up on your own, and how hard it is to be separated from your family.
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Besides that I have been bullied for years. Not only mentally but also physically. But I am grateful for these days, because they made me the person who I am today. I am confident, I am strong, I am a fighter and I still carry love, respect and faith in my heart.
I believe that these qualities make me a good representative of Miss Grand Suriname 2018. And with my experience and empathy I want to create awareness for those who suffer of war and violence.
I was not a victim of war but I can relate to what they are going through. That’s why I want to use my voice for those who can’t speak for themselves.
We need to stop the war and violence before it stops us.
And if it’s not now, then it will be never!
My name is Safina Barsatie, Miss Grand Suriname 2018.”

Safina Barsatie is 24 years old and stands 1.74m tall.
She is studying Business Administration and currently works at CAK,where she assists people to understand the dutch rules and laws.

In haar vrije tijd

In her spare time she likes to dance; one of her favorite hobbies is belly dancing.
Safina speaks Dutch, English, Hindi and German, that comes in handy, because she loves to travel. She already visited Korea, India, Belgium, Germany and the UK.
Safina not only has the looks, but also has the brains and the talent.

Miss Suriname
Photographer: Raúl F. Neijhorst, Dress: Semra mode, Mua: Karmelita Mahes-Bahadoer

Dress by Semra
Crown by BaroQco
Make up by Karmelita Mahes – Bahadoer
Photo by Raúl Neijhorst

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6 jaar geleden werd ze Miss Holland India. Bekijk hier de video:

Bekijk hier nog een interessant gesprek met haar
Bron: GFC
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