Onze herinnering aan 44-jarige Mahedhi Schoonhoven

Today I was called by a friend I hadn’t spoken to in years.
He let me know that our friend whom I also hadn’t spoken to in years passed away.

It was not just a guy I knew. It was one I knew well, saw often, one I discovered new places with and could count on if I needed him.

With some friends you don’t need to keep in touch with often and when you see them its like nothing has changed.
Im am sad I took time for granted. Sometimes that time is too long and the chance has passed. Today I learned a lesson. Don’t take your friends and loved ones for granted and keep in touch.
Rest in peace my friend.

Mahedhi Maria Rudi Schoonhoven

Geboren Amsterdam 9-12-1972 
Overleden Amsterdam 21-10-2017


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