Video – Chef Jethro Wirht is vandaag 30 jaar geworden

It was a good or let me say a great period. Over a couple of hours I will say goodbye to my chapter named the twenties on to the thirty.
It was A period where i found myself who I truly am.
I went to work at Torarica when i was 20.
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Went to Barbados met the best friends now my brothers and sisters from bim.
Tremaine Reece, Rae John, Toshana Holder, Cherise Howard Justin Drakes Stefan Jackman markley Rock Dwayne Small
Came back to Su and met Jane she gave me the most beautiful Daughter a dad can ask for.
Started to work at Marriott for my Chef main man Randy O’B. Smith and met alot of friends
In de year 2012 iI was part of the National Culinary team of Suriname.
With Sherwin Alexander Tirsa Braumuller Giovanni Ismaël-Cherr Asmo Michel Blackson Vanina Tjon A Tjoen en Deborah Arlaud we haf fun in 2013 and did great things in 2014 where i got gold for the chef of the Year.
2013 i was offered a job at Krasnapolsky where Hans Huiskes Winston van Ams Mark, Joan Xaviera Mijnhijmer and Uria Lome Jhurney Doedel stood me by I have met great chefs such as RS Beuk Marcel de Leeuw Edwin Vinke Luc Blok Onno Kokmijer Gerrit Greveling Who showed me that is worth everything to be chef and people will respect you for everything that you put in your work.
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Met Joey Dragman and started the D-Chefs movement it was great and gained alot of networks.
Leila Frangie gave me the chance to do my catering where I gained respect from my customers.
2016 I started RUTU by Chef Thro and it was a hit. I LOST ALSO LOVED ONES.
Aunt Helen, Gran pa Andre my main man showed me how to be great and well mannered.
And most of all I lost my mom. My Gem in life. She is my reason I keep pushing and puhing cause she never gave up on us.Love you mom.
And the best of them all I have met my future Wife Ifeula Tilborg. This woman she pushed and believed in me. When others where doubting my abilities as working for myself. I have ups and downs with her but yeah she sticks with me. Telling me every day how proud she is. I love her and people may know this I will marry her cause she stands in the rain with me .Love you Babe.
Shout out to BBG brotherhood.
Yellowbirds Orlando Lion Dino R. Kappel Sonny waldring. Guillermo Ormskerk Andy Pangat
Basketbalvereniging De Schakel Marlon Telting
Donneghy Simson Charlon Kloof Guillaume Kloof timothy Darnoud love you man Celine Blank. Mitchell Haas Randall Wip Jahmal Henar
Chagall Basfielt Xavier Haas mi brada
And my family
Pops Winston Wirht you have been at almost every game been there through some tough times. Always telling me do your best dont worry about failing. You keep pushing to do better and I always accepted the challenge love you man. Chiara sis supporting me always Chérise Beek Melinda Reyme Alan Chin they still support me.
And gran Ma where this love for cooking all started.
Luister hier naar een belangrijke boodschap van de chef:

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