Video: Condoleance – Andrea Healy

First I would like to extend my condolences to the Healy family and extended family friends and all those that knew Andrea some way or another.

I can’t feel, I can’t feel anything….They say you are gone but I know you are not. Because you can’t be, because it is simply not true… It cannot be… Our friendship is special and you are a special person and you will always be.
It’s all from love because that’s what we radiated love, and you know what Andrea? My heart is shattered, I am sad, I am mad. I’m asking the universe so many questions. But you know what? I am happy the universe allowed you to be apart of my universe.

I am sure many people can agree with me on that one Boothang! We had many adventures from SXM to traveling in Europe to the USA and Canada trust me there will never be another one like you! Your parents did a phenomenal job they raised a beautiful soul!

Thank you Patrick and Cynthia you guys were like parents to most of us growing up! Dreapoo I will tell you everything else I need to tell you on our regular weekly catch up calls! Yes…I will be that crazy friend that seems like she’s talking to herself but you know I’m talking to you because you will live forever in my world. I love you and I will always love you!

I love that we always said that after each call or text! I LOVE YOU! You will be apart of me forever I’m not letting go. I don’t know how I’m gonna do this but I will be strong for you. We will all be strong for you. Andrea Healy

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